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Medicinal water and mud of Kyrgyzstan.

There is over 120 natural outlets of mineral water in our days in the territory of our republic. There is almost all types of mineral water among them.

CARBONIC WATER. There are known over 25 areas of  manifestations of carbonic water, mostly in the Fergana range. In scope this spring's can give about 100 liters in second. There is analogue of arsine, borzhomi, darasyn, yessentuki among local waters. The most known springs of mineral water in Kyrgyzstan - Chatir Kel and Kara Shoro.

THERMAL WATER. There is noticed over 50 manifestations of thermal and subthermal waters. Among them we can find iodide-bromine (Izbasken, Kochkor Ata), radon (Jeti Ogyz, Kerege - Tash), few mineralized siliceous (Issik-Ata, Ak Syy), brine without specific components (Segettu). Natural resources of thermal waters of republic are 200 liters/sec. There is 10 springs. Health resorts and sanatoriums are available.

 SULFIDE WATER. We can meet them in south, mostly around the oil fields and gas flies. There is open over 10 manifestations. The most known - Kara Tube and Kizil Jar.

MEDICIAL MUD (silt and silt-turfyed). In number, with present practical interest, they are found next to Jalalabat, in Chy valley, in coastal part of Issik Kyl lake and in other places.

Salt mines of Chon Tyz.

Main tenor of center is treatment and rehabilitation of people with bronchial asthma, and other diseases of respiratory apparatus, with allergic problems (nettle rash, angioneurotic edema, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and overs) neuropathy (neuroses, neurasasthenia)

 Sanatorium «Chon Tyz»

The sanatorium is located at a height of 2100m above sea level. Form the soviet times to present days this place is consider to one of the best place for treatment of diseases. Many people from all parts of former soviet countries coming here and always going back filling significant improvements in their health!

Unique combination of nature factors such as highland and heighten concentration of anion in speleo-minds, stability of microclimate in underground wards, lack of pollen allergen, sterility if air (3-5 microbe on 1 cubic meter). Air temperature in speleo-minds year-round 8-10 degrees Celsius above-zero. Effectiveness of treatment of atopic forms of bronchial asthma come up to 97%, when intrinsic-dependent form is 67-78%

In the same time there is contraindication to treatment in speleosanatoriums: tuberculosis (any form),  glomerulonephritis, oncological disease, brucellosis, rheumatism (rheumatic heart disease, polyarthritis), hypertension 2-3 rate (specially  nephritic), pancreatic diabetes.

Koumiss treatment.

Koumiss treatment - use of koumiss in medical purpose. Koumiss is cultured milk drink which made from mare's (seldom from cow's or camel's) milk; which had been known to the nomadic people from ancient times. Koumiss for koumiss treatment is made from raw milk by fermentation it with lactic acid bacteria's and milk yeasts with temperature about 26-28 Celsius degrees. Prepared koumiss is effervescent   foaming drink with spirituous taste and smell.

The first mention about koumiss we can find in work of ancient Greek historian (484-424 BC), who described the way of Scythians life, he told that favorite drink of this people was special drink, which was made by beating mare's milk in deep tubs.

Koumiss is good diuretic and cholagogue medicine.  The medicine is very easily digests by weaken organism and also orexigenic, improving the processes of separation of food and strengthen intake in thin bowels, improving the gastric peristalsis. Also koumiss bringing down cholesterol level, that is raise the value of this healthy drink. Reach substance of gland in the koumiss is very needed to the people who have anaemia, determine the content of hemoglobin in the blood, improving of leukogram.

Koumiss treatment is used in pulmonary tuberculosis or lymph nodes, exhaustion, anemia, gastric ulcer and duodenum in stage of attenuation of process, also it gives good results in treatment of dysentery and abdominal typhus.  Determined bactericidal action of the koumiss in treatment of colon bacillus and over pathogenic microbes.

Universally recognized phenomenon is the koumiss influence on functional diseases of nervous system. Koumiss treatment is affective in benign neurosis treatments.

It is established that the patients have better and longer efficiency, weight and filing better then after usual sanatorium treatment. It is explained by the fact that during the koumiss treatment take place change of metabolism, which continues further. Carbonic acid which is in koumiss, excite pleasant tingling in the mouth and sensation of warming in the stomach. It has anaesthetize action and carbonic acid reduce high irritability of mucous coat of stomach. Koumiss contain a lot of vitamin C - three time as much as cows milk.



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