Eagle hunting

As Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country, birds have always being used by the people and eagle hunting is very popular in tour program in Kyrgyzstan. Previously an eagle and a horse were highly valued in price; eagle was of the same price as a sound horse. Only rich and prosperous man could own an eagle and a horse. The practice of hunting started its existence around 12th and 13th centuries on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Making tours in Kyrgyzstan you will see that the ones who domesticated and trained the eagles are known as berkutchi, and they have always been respected by all people of Kyrgyzstan for the reason of providing meat and fur and in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan there is an opportunity to meet them. The other competition famous in the ancient times was the eagle hunting. This process orients on the demonstration of abilities and knowledge. Knowledge of eagle hunting is going from generation to generation, from father to son and so on. The other reason is that well-to-do people were the only ones to be able to own an eagle. It is possible watch eagle hunting as a part of a program of your tours in Kyrgyzstan.

Golden eagles have the appearance of golden feathers at the back of the head with massive feet and sharp talons. Eagles live in breath-taking mountains in Kyrgyzstan. There are many kinds of animals the berkuts are snatching up, like hares, rabbits, marmots and ground squirrels, sometimes on foxes and lynxes. And it is even possible to see the process of hunting during your tours in Kyrgyzstan. Female golden eagles are bigger and hunt wolves and bigger animals. Live about 40-50 years. When they undergo training by the human, after 20 years are released to nature for finding a male and a nest. Mainly the birds live in mountain areas of Kyrgyzstan far from the human habitation, in pairs. The couples of eagles are created for ever. Hunting season in Kyrgyzstan starts in October and may last for more than 4 months. Hunting is accompanied in a tour in Kyrgyzstan not only by golden eagles but also hawks and falcons. The cost of the show-demonstration is 100 $ per a group. Location: of Naryn and Issyk Kul regions, Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz are nomads in their hearts today and as their way of life long time ago, and due to nomadic life they needed a place of quick dismantling. Yurt is a special round tent, not stable one. People of Kyrgyzstan used to live in timber dwellings long time ago. The word "yurt" comes from Turkic language, which means "the people", but in modern Turkic language this word is associated with "homeland". Kyrgyz people used to be always in the process of breeding the cattle, and all their life was spent in yurts and you will have an opportunity to live in yurts as well in the course of your trip in Kyrgyzstan. Moving from one pasture to another they have been taking apart and then together the yurt, which means it was impossible to build some buildings, as nomad people had to move on and on in the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan.


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