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Are you fond of adventures? Then there is no doubt that you will fall in love with such countries, as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan!  These countries situated in the Central Asia and from the ancient times, they were a cradle for various civilizations. Our car rent company offers you a route to these states. You can choose to drive an auto by yourself or you can take a driver. We are customer-oriented organization and the wishes of the clients are above everything for us. Our car rent offices in Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe will present you a list of cars for rent that we possess, so you will choose the most comfortable and appropriate auto for yourself. All of the cars for rent can be driven on the most difficult itineraries, so you will feel comfortable in any conditions.

Start your auto and explore the celestial mountains - Tien Shan mountain range, which is famous for its high peaks, beautiful gorges and picturesque landscapes! The pearl of Tien Shan Mountains is Issyk-Kul lake. This lake is the largest alpine lake in Asia and the second largest lake in the world! It is so transparent that you can see the bottom of the lake. There was made one experiment - a sparkling disk was lowering into the depth of the lake in order to see for how many meters the disk can be seen. Observers were able to see the disk on the depth of 20 meters. Many ancient civilizations were living near Issyk-Kul and all of them disappeared. The lake is very insidious - it changes its position over time. So, nowadays divers find different items from the bottom of the lake - jugs, coins, household goods, swords and etc. Another interesting lake is Son-Kul lake, which is situated on the altitude 3016 meters above the sea level. This lake is surrounded by picturesque pastures, where you can enjoy a rustic life and get in touch with nomads. All you need to do is to start your cars for rent and get there. You can pass the auto back in Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe, where our car rent offices are situated.

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