Kyrgyzstan - amazing country!

Kyrgyzstan - is the country of celestial mountains! You will be amazed of it's richness and majesty! Kyrgyzstan locates in territory of 198.500 km, from which the 93% are the mountains! The mountains Tien-Shan and Pamir became the cradle for the nomads. Each of you has an opportunity to be imbued with nomadic life, plunging into our traditions and mysterious culture. The life in the mountains amazes of its beauty - snow-white yurts, like the continuation of the mountains, wait for their owners, coming back home. Everywhere one can see the horses, galloping in the canyons, the women making bright felt carpets, taste the national drink Kumis - mare's alcoholic milk. Kyrgyzstan attracts with its wonderful nature and hospitable people, who are always happy to see you!

Region: Central Asia
Population: 5,200,000
Area: 198,500 square km
The number of lakes: 1923
The number of rivers: 40 000
Capital: Bishkek
Languages: Kyrgyz, Russian
Peak: Peak Pobedi 7,439 m
Medium height:  2750 m




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