Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!

Explore natural Kyrgyzstan tours with your own eyes!

Have you ever been in Kyrgyzstan? If not, make a visit of this unbelievable but so attractive place in the very heart of mountains! Our company is glad to organize a route going along amazing natural testimonies, including rivers, lakes and of course king-like mountains.

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan 

Greatest attention should be put to all of these sites, but it is recommended not miss Ala Archa gorge. We have decided to outline this site to its natural meaning - national park attracts foreign and local dwellers with striking geographical features - Kyrgyzstan tours will be going on high altitudes of pristine nature, numerous forests and amazing views. Son Kul Lake is a testimony of water sphere of the country - right in the heart of Tien Shan the lake takes about 18 streams, but of 4 small rivers Kum-Bel, Ak-Tash, Tash-Tebe and Kara-Keche. Just make a visit of this place and you will be able to see an interesting variety of animals - ducks, gulls, herons. Never postpone going on vacation and being the part of Kyrgyzstan tours.

Our company is glad to listen to all of the wishes and desires of our clients, we promise the tour to be the best, as one of the important factors of any route is the presence of pure nature!

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan

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